Real Estate is about people, and at ROHO we truly care about our partners building lasting relationships and wealth.

A proficient, profitable and prolific organization, operating strategically and collaborating with fellow property professionals to create market value and premium service to all stakeholders and partners, without compromise to our brand identity and applying both due diligence and due care to achieve our mutual objectives.


A People Company, co-creating value across all aspects and cycles of real estate through ownership, rental, leasing and management of real estate assets.


To source & acquire underutilized buildings,by converting the underlying use class into a more commercially viable option and opportunity, that significantly uplifts and enhance the socioeconomic value. Redeveloping these assets into reusable and adaptive living spaces is acheived by strategically leveraging all our social, human and capital resources to optimize market value through our Real Estate and Hospitality expertise.

Brand Message:

A People Company, co-creating value across real estate.