Landlord Services


Landlord Services

ROHO works with landlords to co-create value across all aspects of real estate. We offer exclusive services for our landlords who would like to enter into partnerships with us.

Property Upgrade

To ensure that you will get the best possible returns on your property when renting it out, we would deploy an independent letting negotiator to conduct a market appraisal to ascertain the rental potential. If required, we can recommend a specific scope of work such as building renovation works and project supervision at an agreeable rate to further increase the rental income potential. These upgrades are mainly cosmetic with adjustments usually made to improve lighting, kitchens and bathrooms without the need for any structural works or underpinning works to the building.

Interior Design + Furniture Consulting

We run an on-demand, furniture & finishing consulting service so our buyers can furnish their property to significantly enhance their rental value. If you have purchased your property for your own use, we can recommend a complimentary interior design appraisal service that can work with you to create your dream home before you commit to spending any money on furniture.

Furniture Rentals

This product was created to assist with the cost of the overheads from furniture purchases after your property acquisition. We offer the furniture on a lease basis, to suit your changing tastes and to offer flexibility to the landlord. This service is very popular during the peak seasons for decorating unfurnished houses.