Ealing Broadway is on our Radar


At ROHO, we promote property in all areas of London equally. We are not biased nor do we promote any specific locations above others. We are solely guided by the locations of opportunities - our motto is Location, Population and Occupation.

When searching for these opportunities, we ask questions like ‘What do the occupiers do?’, ‘How much do they earn?’ and ‘What is their source of income?’

That being said, we would like to take this platform to highlight certain areas of London that are not usually considered future property owners. This month our search takes us to West of the City.

London is an international city which began life as a number of distinct towns that have eventually combined and woven together. Ealing Broadway is roughly 7.5 miles from the centre of London and sits in a strategic location at the intersection of South West (Richmond, Brentford, Kew Gardens) and the Northwest (Harslden, Willesden, Wembley). To its West lie the bustling areas of Acton, Shepherds Bush and Paddington. The postcode varies from W5 to W13

Why invest in Ealing?

At ROHO, we always do our homework when analysing deals and give proper due diligence and care on the behalf of our potential clients. We work with empirical evidence to support demand for areas of high growth that others overlook. Let us show you how. Book a call with us