Great Britain in Snapshot

Hundreds of years ago, Shakespeare asked ‘What’s in a name?’. The answer – a lot! The key to success for a great product is a ‘Great’ name. Even our own isles of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island come together to make Great Britain.

The names of our country and our currency have a certain regal ring to them – both Great Britain and Pound Sterling have a brand identity that are not easy to forget. This patriotism can be backed up by some of the wonderful things Great Britain has to offer – our amazing NHS healthcare services, our world-class universities like Oxford or Cambridge, or our global financial institutions in the City of London. Indeed, our banks have mastered the art of raising capital for businesses whilst maintaining a strong legal framework to protect investment and the safety of investors.

Most countries have mineral resources deposited beneath their soil which are utilised for trade and foreign reserves. Qatar produces gas, Nigeria deals in crude oil, Ghana has reserves of cocoa and South Africa may have precious gold. There are, however, some countries that do not have access to vast natural resources and choose to develop alternatives. Great Britain has proven successful in creating an ecosystem from its main resource – the English language. This language has been used as its primary socio-political and economic resource.

The English language has been a common denominator for Britain and its biggest commonwealth partners such as Canada and Australia. This similarity has helped Great Britain to develop partnerships with these countries and improve their earnings within other global markets.

Great Britain continues to be a very green nation with building works only permitted on up to 11% of its land, while the rest of the 79% is restricted and reserved. Whilst this policy ensures that nature is protected, there is a feeling of imbalance as there is a limited supply of the housing stock with an ever growing demand for property.

Great Britain has fine-tuned its property ownership laws and legal framework to support all investors by enabling a thriving business climate. Additionally, the stability of the Pound Sterling and its economic policies attract FDI, especially from nations where these aspects of policy are not as developed.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities to harness in this Post-Brexit landscape. We expect to see more trade deals and more open communication amongst commonwealth countries in place of our European neighbours.